Vengeance Series 1

Presley. Robert. David. Grange. Kendrick.

I have clawed and crawled my way out of the hell you imposed upon me. Now your names are etched upon blooded lips, and this I vow:

Me and my demons are coming for you, and we will dance in your blood. 

Run, little piggy. Run.

A dark taboo ménage romance.


Vengeance Series 2

The Unseen

No more f*cking around. I'm done with obsessions, of waiting idly by. This time, I'm taking what's mine.

But when the woman I crave above all else thirsts for vengeance, I'm determined to bring it to her on a silver platter. I will be the blood-soaked monster protecting her back, and justice shall be hers.

Forgive me, Father, for I will sin.

An extremely dark stalker romance.


Vengeance Series 3

Vincenzo Gianelli

Ruthless. Evil. Trafficker. Murderer.

The most ruthless mob boss to ever rise from the streets of New York City ... and my father.

He killed my mother, and countless attempts to take him down have failed. But this time, I have an army at my back.

Nate. Eric. Tessa. The Duke. Trey. Rebecca. The Charon Group. Special Agent Susannah Gerhardt.

And when an old flame returns, I know this time, we'll be successful.

We're coming for you, Daddy. And vengeance will be mine.

A dark romance.


Five years ago, a devastating accident changed my life forever. In my despair, I shut myself away from the world, losing myself in my writing. Determined to give my characters the happily ever afters I was denied.

Until I meet Jeremy.

The gorgeous fireman with the smile that lights up a room firmly gets under my skin, daring me to hope that true love can come around more than once in a lifetime.

But not everyone wants to see us succeed, and danger stalks me at every turn. Time is running out—and I'm not sure if even a Christmas miracle can save us.

A small town holiday romance.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall

My world is destroyed when my mother is killed and my father remarries Morana, a beautiful sorceress with a dark heart.

Her thirst for power is matched only by my desire for revenge. When the glass shatters and the pieces fall, only one of us will be left standing.

My name is Snow White, and

I will be the fairest of them all. 

A dark fantasy Snow White retelling.


Check your pearls at the door, because this collection of forbidden erotic short stories is the very definition of depraved. These aren’t fluffy romances—they are pure filth. So charge your batteries, have a willing partner on standby, and prepare yourself for the deliciously unwholesome stories within.

A varied collection of forbidden erotic short stories inspired by readers.

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