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My books are all of these and more. Beware—they are not for the faint of heart. If you love spicy books shrouded in darkness where the villain gets the girl, contain plenty of twists you don't see coming, and will leave you aching for more . . . please, come on in.

The Vengeance Series

Reviews and Praise

Upon Blooded Lips

Outstanding. No other words for it. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I found out she was writing it and it has honestly surpassed any expectation I had. The writing is flawless and the story is incredibly dark but heartbreaking. The relationship between Tessa and Eric and Nathan is beautifully interwoven and their story of revenge is cleverly written. There’s moments when it is incredibly dark but you can’t help but root for them and fall in love with their story. Incredible debut and I’m beyond excited for the next story. 


— L.J. Findlay, author

Goodreads Review


Holy Christ. 

I'd say ten hail Mary's if I thought it would cleanse my soul and help my sanity after finishing this book. Michaella Dieter may owe me therapy after breaking my heart and blowing my mind. Another amazing book that took my feelings hostage and used them against me. 

Did I like Trey in Upon Blooded Lips? Yes. Do I love Trey after reading Redemption? Absobloodylutely. 

I don't like doing reviews that give spoilers but Rebecca is just, she's a beautiful tragedy in all her brokeness and I hope anyone that meets her appreciates all that she is and that she becomes. I will fight anyone that disagrees. That lassie was thrown into the abyss and dragged across the coals of hell yet still stood up and told the world to fuck itself.

I'm a lover of character crossovers so of course I was as giddy as a drunken aunt at a wedding when some familiar faces popped up, even more so when they were more firmly in the limelight. I cannot wait for Vengeance Mine. I may have my own wee girl crush happening....on three female characters so the next book I'm sure will firmly solidify those into full blown love. 

I hope the author keeps pushing the boundaries with her work. The topics she chooses are dark and painful but also something that happens daily and that I wish more people were educated on.


— Danielle Bromwich

Goodreads Review

Upon Blooded Lips

I cannot believe this is a debut novel. I devoured every word, every scene, every emotion and could NOT put it down. I have never read anything like this before. There’s dark, and then there’s this. If there is a line, the author has crossed it and through her imagination has opened up a whole new world of taboo. Not many authors can do this in my opinion.

The storyline is executed with such precision, I, as a reader, felt like I was there and enjoyed watching each moment unfold with intrigue. Though the three main characters are the villains of the piece, you can’t help but root for them and I found myself cheering when they fed their inner demons.

As much as the book is the darkest I’ve ever read, I took a lot away from it that I didn’t expect. Essentially, it’s about family, love, loyalty and of course, bloody revenge.

Michaella has conjured up a story so tragic and disturbing yet sprinkled it with love in all the right places. I adored every word, every piece of dialogue and every revengeful act. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. I highly recommend this darker than dark story to everyone who doesn’t have a weak heart. 


— J.D. Hughes, author

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